LanZhou Hand-pulled  Noodle 

Lanzhou Beef Lamian (兰州牛肉面) is a Chinese Muslim style of beef noodle, also known as "NO.1 Noodle in China". In Lanzhou, Gansu, it is usually served with clear soup and one hand-pulled lamian noodle per bowl. Together with hand-pulled noodle, clear soup and herbs, they are called "Yi Qing Er Bai San Hong Si Lu Wu Huang". "Yi Qing" literally translates to "One Clear", which is the soup. "Er Bai" means "Two White", which is Chinese radish. "San Hong" means "Three Red", which is spicy oil. "Si Lu" means "Four Green", which is the herb."Wu Huang" means "Five Yellow", which is the hand-pulled noodle.



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